The BlueTiger Connected Optical Drive Platform offers manufacturers a way to differentiate optical drive-based products via enhanced audio/video processing, simplified connectivity, and the delivery of next-generation premium digital media content. Built upon industry leading hardware, BlueTiger reference solutions are comprised of a ready-for-manufacturing (RFM) hardware platform, a high quality CD/DVD loader, and a customizable software framework that enables manufacturers to significantly improve time-to-market and lower development costs when responding to new market opportunities in media convergence. All BlueTiger CD-modules offer to choose internal or external master clock (selected by a control input) for lowest jitter and audio outputs are available as I2S and SPDIF. The modules are available independently from each other for manufacturing and as spare parts.

Platform benefits

  • Customizable software based CD and audio processing solution
  • Reduced development and total system costs through platform and product line development
  • Reduced time-to-market with cost-optimized ready-to-manufacture hardware platform
  • Increased ability to respond to new market opportunities in media convergence with configurable software framework
  • Differentiation through custom software digital audio processing algorithms
  • A roadmap and low cost adoption path for new multimedia formats, networking, and the delivery of premium digital media content

Example applications

  • Connected CD/MP3/WMA players
  • Integrated Receivers – CD/streaming
  • Network audio players and clients


Traverse mechanism 

for reading from disc includes laser-optical-pick-up & motor to spin the disc and move the OPU. Is mounted into Loader.


Loading mechanism for disc transport


1 connector to PCB


controls tray loader, traverse and does A/V decoding

Contains interface to set controller-board

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